Letter to You

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Open Letter To You

The Gabriel Family Foundation began with a desire and a decision to help relieve poverty through education. 

We began this arduous journey to establish a legitimate, federally exempt charity from the ground up for the benefit of the fatherless, the motherless, the widow, the disadvantaged, the oppressed, the underserved, the vulnerable.

Meeting after meeting, paperwork and more paperwork, we have established a 501 (c) (3) charity you can depend on, be proud of, and trust.

The Gabriel Family Foundation envisions a world where education is the gateway to a brighter future.  We look forward to accomplishing our mission of raising hope, aspirations, and awareness, by enhancing the lives of youths and adults through education and scholarship for generations.

Join our journey--we need your help!

Greta McKelvey

President, Gabriel Family Foundation

What are scholarships?

Scholarships can be financial assistance used in educational pursuits.

How do people get scholarships?

Generally, scholarships may be awarded after satisfactorily completing an application process.  So, apply, apply, apply for as many scholarships as appropriate from numerous sources.

How do you apply for the GFF scholarship?

What are the typical scholarship restrictions?

Adequate funding is always a restriction.  As well, the Gabriel Family Foundation does NOT accept applications from entities or persons who are NOT U.S. citizens.  Fully completing timely and accurate scholarship applications matter as does following all instructions.

How often or at what intervals are scholarships given by GFF?

The Gabriel Family Foundation reserves the right to NOT offer scholarships on an annual basis.